Halal Girl Season (strawberry guava ) bath bombs

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AsSalaamu Alaykum! Hey hey loves, 

Welcome to Nalim’s Corner. This is a space where we will share information about products,  ingredients, and related topics and the benefits of integrating certain practices, products and an overall positive mindset into your life. 

As a small business it is important that we take care of ourselves and our customers. Overall at Nalim’s Aroma we believe in mind over matter and the effects that the mind has over our body. Through the sense of smell we can promote positive mentality, self esteem, character and health. 

We hope our blog leads you to foster great mental health and by extension a happy and positive life, which includes all that you consume such as content, what is absorbed through your skin,, the things you inhale, and the food you eat. We also hope that this space will serve as a guide, a place to relate to like minded people, and the promotion of positivity in your life. 

We recognize that we as humans are imperfect and that everything including health, mindset, and circumstances fluctuate so we encourage you to be kind to yourselves and to others while following along on this journey with us. Inshallah!

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